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"Velikov Accounting" is a reliable partner who understands each client's individual needs.

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Accounting and Accounting Services

Our accounting team can provide services and helpful advice on the whole spectrum of financial and management reporting, cost accounting, financial analysis and due diligence.

Human Resource and Payroll Services

Our Human Resource and Payroll department provides a full spectrum of employment-related administrative solutions suited to any business in Bulgaria, regardless of the industry and size.

Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory Services

Our tax team can help you comply with the Bulgarian requirements and the specific international aspects in order to plan your taxes effectively and efficiently.

Internal Audit and Consulting

"Velikov Accounting" strives to add value to the classic function of internal audit according to the specific needs of the client, the constant changes in the business environment, the regulatory framework and technological progress.



Services that add value to our customers’ business

In addition to the excellent accounting services, we assist our clients with professional advice and expertise in tax matters in any area involving Bulgarian tax legislation.


Our goal is to provide services that add value to our customers’ business.

Business areas in which we have profound expertise


1What is the price for monthly accounting services?
To receive the fairest value for the services we provide, we must monitor the transactions in your company. This step is necessary to eliminate the risk of receiving low monthly prices and additional charges for activities which have not been discussed previously.
2When must I register my company under the VAT Act in Bulgaria?
Each tax-liable person having an establishment in Bulgaria that reaches the threshold of 50 000 BGN or more, for a period no longer than 12 consecutive months before the current one, must submit a request for registration under the VAT act, within seven days after the last day of the tax period, in which the threshold was reached. When the threshold is reached for a period no longer than two consecutive months, including the current one, the request must be submitted within seven days from the date on which the threshold was reached.
3My company does not generate 50 000 BGN revenue, but I receive invoices from companies registered in the EU and non-EU companies. Do I have to register my company under the VAT Act in Bulgaria?
Each tax-liable entity receiving services provided by foreign companies and the place of delivery of these services is Bulgaria, must submit a request for registration under art. 97A VAT Act. That means you will not pay VAT on your sales, only on the value of the service received.
4Can I deduct expenses for food for employees in the office or breakfasts, lunches and dinners with partners?
The expenses related to dinners or any food or beverages, business lunches, parties, accommodations for business partners, gifts, flowers etc. are considered representative expenses. The Bulgarian legislation does not allow VAT deduction for this type of expense. Additionally, the companies must pay 10% tax, which must be declared and paid when submitting the tax return. The paid tax is a tax-deductible expense, and the company can deduct it from the taxable base with corporate income tax.
5Where am I obliged to pay VAT if I sell to individual customers in the EU through my online store?
The mechanism for VAT taxation of the intra-community sales to individual customers in the EU has changed since 01.07.2021. According to the new regulation, online sellers must pay VAT on their sales in the country they deliver the goods/services, based on the VAT rate for each country. There is an option to pay VAT on your sales in Bulgaria, but only if the total sales in all EU countries do not exceed 10 000 EUR or the equivalent in BGN for the current year or the year before the current one.

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      As an HR consultancy company, we have the pleasure of working with Velikov Accounting Services, and for the last year, we were highly impressed with their exceptional services. Their team of professionals provided us with tailored solutions that addressed our specific needs, and their attention to detail and commitment to accuracy is truly remarkable. They exceeded our expectations by ensuring that our accounting requirements were met with utmost precision and efficiency. As a business owner, having a trustworthy professional to manage my finances is essential; therefore, I highly recommend Velikov Accounting to any business seeking reliable and expert accounting services.

      Juliana Yotova,
    • The main service of our company is development and testing of software in Bulgaria and abroad. We are relying on "Velikov Accounting" since our founding and they are assisting us with much more than accounting services. We operate confidently, trusting their tax advice, financial analysis and timely information on legislative changes that affect us.

      Stanislav Dimitrov, Movemar

      Have you ever buried yourself in a pile of paperwork and had information pouring in front of your eyes that you somehow had to figure out, interpret, comply with and apply? In a similar situation, I turned to Lachezar Velikov for consultation. Am I not interrupting important work- is the moment right before the monthly closing of VAT and the annual reporting of companies- these are the questions running in my head. He didn't let me know for a moment how busy he was. He immediately paid attention to me and answered the questions that he was able to comment on right away. He undertook to learn more about the case and followed up with a call about my problem. His responsibility, commitment and willingness to lend a hand at the right moment are impressive. Therefore I express my gratitude and recommend the services of Lachezar and I am ready to always respond with the same responsibility.

      Anny Chakarova, ADL

      The regulatory requirements when starting an eCommerce business can be very confusing, and doing them without the advice of a competent professional would take an infinite amount of the time and energy that should be invested in building a new brand. I am grateful to the team of "Velikov Accounting", on whom I can count at every step in the development of the brand. Quick response time, precision, and optimized workflow give me peace of mind and confidence, contributing to the quality of the final product.

      Vesela Dimitrova, Creator and Owner at Alisa Creative LLC
    4.5/5 - (28 votes)