About us

We believe that with our efforts and invested energy, we can contribute to the development of each client's business

"Velikov Accounting" is an accounting firm whose team believes that understanding each client's specific needs is of primary importance and plays a significant role in creating an efficient workflow. Transparent and active communication contributes to build a mutual trust.

Long-term experience and intensive work with different companies in multiple business sectors allow our accounting team to meet the challenges of legislation and related processes.

Adapted to modern technologies, we have integrated a digital document exchange platform that saves time and facilitates your work needs.

Combining the rich practice of leading specialists and the innovative spirit of young associates guarantees the uncompromisable quality of provided accounting services and finding the most suitable solutions for each client.

We are putting our efforts into providing services that add value to our customers because we believe that your needs come first.

About Lachezar Velikov

The core principles of “Velikov Accounting” are rooted in knowledge gained through practice. 

Starting at the bottom of the ladder, in the past 14 years, I have grown professionally and learned from the experience acquired in different companies and with multiple clients. Working with small, medium and big accounting firms, as well as being the chief accountant for a company, has taught me important lessons and solidified my professional values. 

I believe 

  • Both big and small clients can grow and improve their revenue and business processes. 
  • Facing challenges is the only way to grow and expand your horizons. 
  • Being dedicated to my personal and professional growth keeps me ahead of the curve and the competition. 

My values

  • Being ethical in my work and sticking to my moral compass. 
  • Being an expert in my field is not just a job but a purpose for me.
  • Building and maintaining trust with my clients, partners and peers is the foundation of my success.

These 6 sentences lead me on my path to help companies optimize their processes and revenue in order for them to grow, expand and reach new horizons. 

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