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Accounting services

Our accounting team provides services and helpful advice, covering the full spectrum of financial reporting, management reporting, cost accounting, financial analysis and due diligence. Starting with simple book-keeping, records or classes of accounts, our clients rely on us to prepare financial statements under IFRS or National Accounting Standards, develop group reporting procedures, and prepare consolidated statements. Building on this foundation, we assist in the analysis and implementation or modification of cost accounting systems, management reporting systems or complex financial analysis projects.

Financial reporting:

  • Maintaining accounting books and records
  • Classes of accounts
  • Preparation of financial statements according to IFRS or National Accounting Standards

Consolidated reporting:

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements according to IFRS or National Accounting Standards
  • Development and implementation of consolidation procedures and group reporting packs.

Accounting policies:

  • Development and implementation of accounting policies and/or group accounting policies according to IFRS or National Accounting Standards

Management reporting:

  • Preparation of management reports at the request of clients
  • Development and implementation of cost accounting procedures


  • Preparation of budgets and budget reports
  • Development and implementation of budget systems

Custom services:

  • Financial analysis
  • Interpretations and consultations
  • Assessment and reorganization of accounting systems and departments

Human Resources and Payroll Processing

Our Human Resources and Payroll specialists offer a range of employment-related administrative solutions suitable for any business in Bulgaria, regardless of industry and size.

  • Payroll processing
  • Preparation of statements and declarations to the relevant local authorities
  • Preparation of payment orders for wages, social security, income and taxes related to employees
  • Outsourced processing of salaries of Bulgarian citizens and foreign individuals subject to taxation in Bulgaria
  • Calculation of net-to-gross and gross-to-net schemes
  • Maintenance of labour documentation
  • Cost analysis (per cost centre, team, benchmarking)
  • Individual services agreed with the client

Taxes and tax advice

Tax rules do not follow the process of globalization of accounting principles. Although EU Member States have some common rules for VAT, corporation tax and withholding tax, national tax characteristics prevail. Our tax team can help you meet Bulgarian requirements and specific international aspects, effectively and efficiently plan your taxes, conduct tax audits in Bulgaria and support administrative appeals before the Bulgarian tax authorities. We can assess the tax position of a business, identify potential tax risks, perform tax debt and advice on specific tax issues

  • Preparation and submission of declarations regarding monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and reimbursement
  • Assistance in tax audits
  • Registration and submission of the necessary VAT registers
  • VAT refund
  • Tax representation
  • Tax advisory services
  • Individual tax services such as compliance review and tax planning

Internal audit and consulting

Our team strives to add value to the classic internal audit function according to the client's specific needs, the constant changes in the business environment, the regulatory framework and technological progress. After performing a control analysis and financial reporting assessment, we focus on improved risk assessment and risk management in your organisation, assessment of control systems and improvement of their efficiency and effectiveness.

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